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DooM Learning Series! 2016-08-16 | DevastatioN
Hello all,

Due to people asking me about training tips and materials, I am starting a new YouTube series! As long as I maintain interest, I will make some cool videos!

Here is the first one here:

YouTube Link

and of course the Training Wad mentioned in the video.

Hope people enjoy these!
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International DooM League Interview on 2011-12-02 | DevastatioN
To help promote the IDL, Fastidious conducted an interview of myself and Higgs. Higgs is a prominant quake live CTF player, who also plays DooM CTF in the IDL!

You can check it out at It's worth a read to see two varying opinions on these games and the gameplay, and the similarities of course.
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Access Database Links 2011-12-02 | DevastatioN
As an MS Access programmer who would like to support the Access World Forums, I've added two new links on my links menu. I happen to help out on some of these sites answering some Access questions, and also gain help from other experts there.

Access database repair and recovery

Microsoft Access Help Center

Anyone who requires help with MS Access would be best to check these links!

Also doing IM/IT services on the side, website development, small business applications, MS Access Databases and Network Management. If you need anything, shoot me an e-mail.
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Back from the depths! 2011-05-25 | DevastatioN
So... it's been a while!

Maybe will start updating the site a bit more and actually using it. I just got back from playing in the Nova Scotia Open 2011 chess tournament, the first time I've played chess in three years! Did well, finishing with 4.5/8, playing some real tough competition.

Lloyd Lombard has just uploaded a few of his chess games to my chess games section, and my games will be coming shortlly!

-Chris "DevastatioN" Felix
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Chess and Recording Sections Up and Running! 2009-10-08 | DevastatioN
Hello all!

The chess section is now up and running, and all games except my personal tournament games have been migrated over from the old site. The remaining games will be added over eventually.

The recordings section is also now operational and a few people will start using it soon.

Anyone is free to signup an account, and I will set the rights. If you don't end up having your rights setup, please send me an e-mail telling me who you are, and what you wish to do on this site (Upload recordings for a specific game, etc.).

-Chris "DevastatioN" Felix
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